What the tattoo on his belly is
Is a chrysanthemum.

Here is someone saying they can’t see me anymore. This one leaves me deflated.
It’s not that manic feeling of wanting to prove I am worthy. No, I’m laying in bed. Theres no sheets because they’re in the wash. And I’ll fall asleep before they are dry. I’ll wake up with a jacket as a blanket because I was too lazy to go pick up my sheets from the dryer in the basement.

I thought as I was leaving his home last  night, that this will probably be the last time I see him. The last time we really talk. The last time we’ll sit and talk about our cats. The last time we’ll be naked together.

He asked me to buy him some clothes and he’d pay me back. And he did, right away. This was my first time with a man who liked to dress feminine. When he put the clothes on I had picked out, he looked marvelous and his demeanor changed. He was sultry and sassy. I knelt on my knees and felt his leg up his skirt. I undressed him for his next outfit. I enjoyed it.

But more so I enjoyed him asking my feelings and thoughts. But, in person I am so closed off. I’ll give you a short summary rather than a book. 

As I walked out he said,

“Thanks for playing house with me.”


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