Can we

Can we go back to the beginning? When my cheeks were flush and we both anticipated. When you wrote stories and I wrote back. It broke the monotony of the day. Its not to say my life is boring, its full of love, laughter and time goes by too quick.

I kind of wish we never met. Maybe things would be different. You could still imagine me. You could still be piqued. I am still piqued. Full of lust and want. But I know the boundaries. I don’t search for you but I hope you appear.

I remember meeting you in the coffee shop. It tooks us awhile to decide where to meet. We both know a lot of the town and couldn’t chance being seen. You with a stranger woman, me with a stranger man. Not with our love partners. With our lust partners. Your energy was contagious  and you put me at ease. You wore a green shirt and a trucker hat. Your smile is a million watts. Your hug was warm like I was a friend. It seems like a really long time ago now. It was just a little over a month ago.

I don’t hear from you anymore. You went back to focus on your life and family. You said don’t ever think it was me, why you disappeared . So I don’t.  But sometimes, I do.


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