Chris The Redeemer

Here we were at the Olympia Inn
I’m foolish, starved for something
He gives me a taste, a spoonful
But it doesn’t fill me up

“I’m just going to the corner store, I’ll be right back.”
Now my eyes are welling up
“You are so sweet, so kind, so wonderful, I like you.
Can’t you tell?”
I can’t tell
He tries to kiss me and I don’t kiss back

Chris The Redeemer wipes a tear off my cheek
Some reach my lips
And they taste like the boiling sea water
I’m weeping as he is walking out the door
I know I said last time was the last time
But I just wanted one more time

And I keep ending up
Alone in a motel room
Crying in the tub

i’m just not good enough


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