Culmative gaping nothing 

I don’t say anything
One because that means the end
And it didn’t hurt at first
I felt nothing at all

But you can’t really
Honestly share your body
Have intoxicating moments
And not feel a thing
A good thing
A bad thing
But not nothing
I don’t want your love
I just want a friend
And you’ll take that from me
If I say anything

This was a good one
Probably the best
He massaged my mind
He made me squirm
And drip
Reminded me of my favorite things
He smelled like cantaloupe rinds

I will end my streak with this one
I will go back to my garden and
And hope I don’t run into you at the grocery store
On the street
On a mountain or at a lake somewhere
I’m lying about that

It wasn’t supposed to be this way
Actually it was


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