They all leave

You can tell alot about a person by the way they leave you.

In a hotel room
I’m sitting at the window
Waiting waiting
I can see the sun as I rest my chin on my hand, leaning on the window sill
but I feel the winter’s cold through the glass
As I change out of my nicest dress when I realize you’re not coming back
Yeah I shed a tear or two
I go and get a tattoo the same day
But, the needle doesn’t hurt as bad as you

Or this one, the tall one
We’re laughing in a meadow
Like two little kids
The grass is still green and it reaches to my knees
And theres wildflowers everywhere
This one was beautiful
We’re holding hands
Now we are making a mess of your library
Pillows, blankets, magazines and books strewn about
Eating cookies and laughing some more
But I never see you again

Or this one, he is mysterious and smart and stiff
We’re making lust at a fancy hotel
I’m tangled in you
I’ve gotta go, I work early in the morning.
He’ll see me again
He’ll write again
Let’s keep in touch
Now there is silence

And this one, he was Daddy.
He was god
And I worshipped him so
I took his Good Book
But I could not follow the rules
As hard as I tried
This little girl couldn’t get it
I took his last straw
And I burned it

And then you’re gone
You’re all gone now

And my memory is bad
So I write about you

The way you held my hand
The way he kissed my forehead
The way this one had to bend over to hug me tight
The way that one held my chin and shoved me away. I loved it.
The way I can’t remember them all anymore

All I wanted
was someone
To push my hair out of my eyes so they can see me


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