I can taste the color green

I was an idle, misfit honeybee and you were a stunning wildflower.
Your petals were glowing when I came across you.

 And I forgot that I was a bee and not a moth and you were not a flame. 

But I couldn’t look away and I inched closer.

And the pollen orbit around you was like fairy dust. It shimmered in the sun, it tickled my nose.

I landed on you, this wildflower
Here I forgot that I was exhausted, that my wings were frayed and ragged. You didn’t care about that.

I felt awake as I learned the texture of your petals, I rub my body against them and close my eyes. They are rough from work and their touch tender. I can taste the full spectrum of the color green when the petals kiss my thighs.
The things that made this wildflower burst bloom, I wanted to be one of those, too.

I drank your sweet nectar in excess, knowing full well I may never cross your path again. You let me enjoy while I can.
I am a glutton and I drink until I am overflowing, until you are running down my mouth. My bee legs entangled in your anthers, covered in your pollen dust.
Its time for me to go now, the evening was coming. My gorged bee body, glistening and intoxicated in your taste
I don’t go to a hive
I don’t really belong anywhere
I make my way to a bed of cool grass
I flop on my back and stare at the sky
The white clouds
the birds are singing for me


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