The billboard

I wish I had taken a picture of it. I was driving off of Whidbey  and  this billboard caught my eye. It read,


It was old and run down and sponsored by a church. I just thought it was kind of nice and scary at the same time. Maybe because it was in all caps.

I have never been a believer. I was raised Catholic but I never knew  what was going on. We woke up extra early on Sundays to make it to the 8 or 9am mass. The Saint Augustine church we attended smelled like varnish, old paper and pastries. The pews were shiny and aged. I liked seeing everyone all dressed up and being nice to eachother. In that way, I miss it.

I find those devoted to their god interesting. Their devotion is beautiful sometimes. Could I ever be so devoted? I have tried and usually felt more alone than before.


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