Little mindfulness

When I am sad or stressed I retreat to my “little space.”

Here I forget what is bothering me and focus on the moment. Its really the only time I have been able to be mindful. I can’t seem to be mindful otherwise. It is hard for me to grasp. 

This week I have worked on a lot of crafts. Watercolor painting, making jewelry, just making. Some of it has a childish feel. I am 8 years old again and everything is pink and purple. I am happy here.

Since things fell apart with my last Daddy, I have met men who try to try me. It actually makes me mad that the lot of them assume they are  so great and that I am lucky to talk to them. Most of them are full of shit. It is disappointing. 

I am looking for more than being a sexual slave. I want to know them, what makes them happy, what food do they like, who are you really? We can hang out and be silly or serious when need be. 

 I don’t like it when they demand I call them “Sir” or “Master.” Those titles are not to be thrown around. Plus, I do not like those titles.


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