My head on his chest

We lay now exhausted on this California king size bed with enough room where we could both sprawl out and not touch each other. We could fall asleep and forget the other  was ever there.

I lay on an opposite end facing him. The dim, yellow light shines on him and I can see his form underneath the white sheets. I take a mental picture because I want to remember him this way.

He puts his arm  out and motions for me to come over. I hesitate, because this is not what I came for. Or maybe it is and I can’t admit it. I squint at him and say ,”…What?” My defense is up and he can’t know I’d like to lay on his chest and fall asleep. Why am I like that?

But, he pulls me over and tells me to stay here. His breath slows and I hear him fall asleep now. I stay awake a little longer to feel my head on his chest rise and fall with each of his breaths.

I feel safe and at peace for a little while.


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