His kiss is strange

The hotel room is nice and clean. I answer the door and he drops his things like he hasn’t seen me in years. I thought he would  be shy about it , thank god he is not at all.

His hands are on me and his kiss is strange. Not a bad kiss by any means, just one I have never felt before.

I slip into my costumes. Knee high baby pink socks with satin bows. Black fishnet stockings. White leggings. A light blue babydoll dress.  

All night until the morning, he shows me he is like no other lover. 

 I forget that its going to have to end. Nothing else exists.

I do as I am told and he pushes my limits. I am scared, excited and eager. With delight gives me the pain I have been yearning for.  He leaves his marks behind. I can’t sit the next day, my thighs are tired and chest tender. 

I love to hear him say, “Good girl.”

I want some more.


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