Day 1

I decided to get back on track yesterday. My adjustment to Wellbutrin is going well. I am taking it at night until it no longer makes me sleepy. I made the mistake of taking it around 4pm yesterday. I was at the craft store afterwards and I nearly fell asleep in the aisle. It was an awful dragging feeling. I feel great today, though. My disposition is sunnier. I forgot until today that many people  call me “Sunshine”, I find it very sweet.  

I will renew my gym membership this coming payday, and until then jog with my dog and return to yoga. I am excited that I feel hopeful and optimistic again. 

I am not going to think so much about how this feeling may disappear sooner or later. I will note that when I woke up this morning, I was kinda of pissed to go to work. Mostly because it has become unfullfilling and easy. There is no challenge besides interviewing people. I am usually more nervous than the interviewee. 

It is sunny today and I am happy. 


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