New therapist

I lost my therapist of 2 years in early December. She was my first one and seeing her helped me through a lot of issues. 

I came to her devastated and lost after Luci died. His death was the catalyst to get me to see someone. I barely made it through days after he died.  I knew I had been depressed since at least my early 20s, but thought I could do it on my own and I did for years. But, I couldn’t hold my pieces together anymore alone. 

  I told her the things I’ve done that I thought I would take to my grave. She helped me see why I did those things and how to prevent them in the future. I still work to stop myself from doing them, but I have tools now. 

Now I have a first appt with a new therapist on Monday. She called me today and she sounds nice. The facility I have been going to is switching to short term counseling due to the influx of new patients, so I know she will not be my therapist for long. It is a little scary to talk to someone new. 

I am de railed right now. I am not even taking my medicine and I know its bad. They just make me so tired that functioning is so difficult. I think things will get better when I am back on track.


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