Big Girl today

December 2016 was busy busy. It has left me really tired. I worked 6 days a week every week except one in December. I do not have to do that anymore and I am going back to my regular M-F schedule. I plan on finding a new job, too. I have been here managing for 5 years and I have topped out in regards of pay and promotions. The next step would be to buy one of these stores, but this is not where I want to spend the rest of my life. I have enjoyed helping to get these stores growing. When I started working for this company, there was just one store, and now there are 4. It was fun and exciting to help build, open, and run this business. I have really learned so much and become a confident leader, where before I was as meek as a mouse.

I start 2017 at work. I woke up early, which is something I can almost never do.  I put on my favorite blue dress and boots. I stop by the coffee shop for my favorite drink and I arrive at work early. I’ve been very productive and in general I am in a good mood. I never thought I could be without the good pills, but I have been off them for almost a month.

When I say “good pills,” I am not talking about my prescribed medicines. Good pills are the street ones which elevated my mood, gave me energy. I struggled for a moment when I decided to quit, but I am glad I did. I wasted a lot of money on them and it didn’t matter because once I put a pill on my tongue, I knew it would be a good day.

I can have good days without them now.



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