I have been slapped, punched, shoved, had chairs and tv trays thrown at me. Been called horrible names, lost a lot of important things, burned my flesh.

All that is nothing compared to being ignored. It gnaws at me and and feels like I am on an emotional seesaw. One moment I am a hopeless romantic, obsessed and think you are perfect. The next I resent you and I could forget you exist. 

I started reading ‘ I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me ” at my therapist’s request. I felt less alone to know that before I was on this Earth, there were ones like me. 

I spent Friday all day, confused, dizzy, my words were slurred. I was high off psych meds and I wanted to cry because I didn’t know how I could make it through the day. It was 10x more difficult than when I came to work still high on acid on accident. 


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