She is my God


She is packing her belongings again. I watch out of the corner of my eye. Maybe if I ignore it, it won’t happen. I am going to refuse to accept it, and she can’t leave.

Her embrace is loosening and she won’t look me in the eye. I think her face might be gone. 

I am offering her sacrifices because she is my God. Take these pills, they are the good ones. I will get you more, take as many as you like. 

 I will do anything for you.

She has her hand on the doorknob and I am kneeling at her feet.  “Tell me what to do so you will stay!” But she won’t look at me as she turns the knob and walks out.


The door has no lock, and almost anyone can come in. It is just me here. Before I am able to miss Her, He appears. His face is angular, his menacing smile is so sharp it could cut you. It cuts me everytime.

He becomes my shadow and assures me that he will never leave. Tears begin to run down my cheeks because I know what he is here to do. I am trying to hide, but he always right behind me.

He makes sure that I am always exhausted and never lets me see the sun. He will steal my words and sometimes I can’t remember how to speak. 

I force him the good pills so will leave me alone for a few hours. 

I am running out of good pills now.



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